As part of its mission to increase the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Nigeria,  SAGLEV Electro Mobility Company recently unveiled new EV charging points for users in Lagos at the rooftop of the multi-level car park of Mega Plaza Shopping Mall, Victoria Island.

By pioneering the installation of these charging points, SAGLEV reaffirmed its position as the leading EV manufacturer and distributor. Placing them on Victoria Island further underscored SAGLEV’s firm commitment to combating climate change. Moreover, this move directly addressed a pressing issue surrounding EVs: power availability.

At the agreement signing, the CEO of SAGLEV, Dr. Sam Faleye stated “Electric Vehicles are the poster child of sustainability that many talk about. With what we are doing today, we are putting words into action by identifying credible locations and reputable organisations that attract good footfalls of our target audience which will help us to increase the number of EVs on our roads and position them as viable alternatives to the energy challenges and the shocks brought about by the increase in petrol prices occasioned by the removal of subsidy on petrol by the government.”

Falaye added that SAGLEV’s EV offerings are solving many challenges including reducing the cost of motoring and commuting,  reducing carbon emissions, providing employment, developing capacity and positioning Nigeria as a ready environment towards achieving the global goals.  He further disclosed that more charging points will be unveiled in Lagos and Abuja subsequently.

The General Manager, Mega Plaza Shopping Mall, Irfan Vayani, expressed enthusiasm regarding the partnership with SAGLEV, emphasizing its alignment with the Mall’s vision of progress and commitment to embracing EVs.

“Mega Plaza has always supported worthwhile initiatives and sees SAGLEV as a catalyst for popularizing EVs in Lagos. The mall is proud to be at the forefront of environmental responsibility, announcing plans to become the first in Nigeria to offer electric vehicle charging points,” he said.

With a major plant nearing completion in Ikorodu, Lagos, SAGLEV is set to churn out a range of energy-efficient vehicles for personal and public use, including SUVs, salon cars, mini and maxi buses.